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2019 Mid-Summer Classic

Welcome to the Mid-Summer Classic Tournament, taking place June 28th, 29th, and 30th! Below you will find everything you need to enjoy a weekend of great baseball for our House League teams.

Tournament Information

Tournament play will follow regular season league rules. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Any player, coach, or spectator ejected from a game for unsportsmanlike conduct will not be allowed to re-enter the tournament. All ejections will be reported to the AABA board. Umpire discretion is final in all cases. All protests must be filed with an AABA board member and umpire, and settled within 15 minutes of the conclusion of the game under protest. The official tournament schedule will be posted in the concession area of the complex. Umpires will report innings pitched and score, but it is also the responsibility of each team to track innings pitched for both teams. Keep this information available for review in case a question about innings pitched arises. Failure to have this information documented may result in lost pitching innings. Northwoods pitchers are allowed to pitch 2 innings in a game, 4 innings in a day, and 6 innings total for the tournament. Minor League pitchers are allowed 3 innings in a game, 6 innings in a day, and 9 innings for the tournament. The AABA board will also maintain a copy of the innings pitched in the concession area by the official tournament schedule. Please note, innings pitched the previous week during regular season do not count towards the tournament. Awards will be given to the first and second place teams in both leagues.

Tie Breakers For Seeding:
1. Best Record
2. Least Runs Allowed in Total Pool Play
4. Most Runs Scored
5. Coin flip

In a three way tie, runs against and then runs scored will determine the number one seed. Then the tie breaker will divert back to head to head to determine seeds two and three.

Concessions will be available at Woodland both Saturday and Sunday. We will need the help of parents to make this tournament successful so please use the sign up link below to volunteer for a shift. The following items will be available for sale:

  • Water
  • Pop
  • Gatorade
  • Pizza
  • Candy

Concession Sign Up

Please use the link above to register for a 2 hour concession time slot. Remember, without the help of the parents, this tournament would not happen. Thank you!

Northwoods League

Minor League