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 April 23, 2014  
April 28th - Beetle / Minor League Draft
Discovery Media Center
Beetle League 5:30    Minor League 7:30

The coaches will be meeting and selecting teams.  The results of this draft will be posted on this
website by Tuesday, April 29th.  Teams will be allowed to practice at this point.

May 17th - Super Saturday (Opening day for Beetle / Minor League)

AABA FAQS  (Frequently Asked Questions)

Registration in now complete.  We have a few openings available. Please contact me
if you are interested in signing up for either league.

The Majors (Jr. High) will begin their registration period starting on May 1st.  Forms
will be available on this website and at the UPS Store next week.  Thanks!

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The Alexandria Area Baseball Association provides opportunities for player development, a general respect for the rules of baseball, and basic ideals of sportsmanship and fair play.  The Alexandria Area Baseball Association is committed to providing our participants the very best baseball experience possible.

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